The Studio

Your Creative Playground

We love to watch people enter the studio for the first time. They get this wide-eyed look of excitement. It’s a look that says “yeah, we can make amazing music here”. We get it — it’s the same look we got the first time we saw it.

Control Room A

The control room is also designed using the “Golden Ratio”, which is a mathematical calculation for determining the dimensions of a space that result in perfect acoustics. No matter where you sit, the sound is natural and balanced.

One other thing you’ll notice right away is that our control room doesn’t have a window looking out onto the live room. It always made us feel awkward and anxious trying to focus on playing while people stared at us through the glass. This separation allows you to concentrate and listen better, resulting in stronger performances.

The Live Room

One of the best parts of owning a studio in an old church is having a massive live room. It’s big, airy and has a gorgeous natural reverb, enabling you to sculpt your sound in a way that you just can’t in smaller studios. From gigantic drum sounds, to more dry, subtle sounds using one of the isolation booths, the live room is an inspiring and comfortable place to play.